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House Approves O’Neal Bill to Assist Individuals, Businesses in Navigating State Regulations
HARRISBURG – The House today passed legislation authored by Rep. Tim O’Neal (R-Washington) that would make it easier for individuals and businesses to understand state regulations.

“Too many times state agencies believe their job is to be an adversary to businesses,” O’Neal said. “This results in confusion surrounding regulations and delays in projects. My bill would bring more collaboration between the two parties and signal Pennsylvania is willing to work with businesses to grow our economy.”

House Bill 762 would require each state agency to designate an employee as its regulatory compliance officer. The officer would be accessible to the regulated community and work with them to explain regulations and resolve noncompliance issues before imposing penalties. In addition, the bill would allow an individual or business to request an advisory opinion from the compliance officer regarding what their duties are under the regulation. If the person or business follows this opinion, they could not be held liable.

The bill now goes to the Senate for its consideration.

The 48th Legislative District in Washington County includes the city of Washington; Chartiers, North Franklin, North Strabane and South Strabane townships; and Canonsburg, East Washington and Houston boroughs.

Representative Tim O’Neal
48th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tracy Polovick
717.260.6358 /
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