Feb. 26, 2020

WASHINGTON — Rep. Tim O’Neal (R-Washington) today announced the School Safety and Security Committee has awarded $53.7 million in School Safety and Security Grants to school districts, vocational schools, intermediate units and charter schools across the state, including Canon-McMillan, Chartiers-Houston, Trinity Area and Washington.

The 17-member committee within the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency was created as part of Act 44 of 2018, a comprehensive school safety law passed in 2018. One of its duties is to help distribute both meritorious and competitive grants.

“As the father of two young children, I know firsthand that parents want to make sure their children are safe when they are at school,” O’Neal said. “I commend the Washington School District for applying for this grant, which will not only make the school physically safer, but also assist the students emotionally. Children are under a lot of stress today, and we need to improve access to professional assistance when needed.”

Those receiving grants locally are:
• Canon-McMillan School District – $45,000 for equipment.
• Chartiers-Houston School District – $30,000 for equipment.
• Trinity Area School District – $40,000 for equipment and training.
• Washington School District – $518,958 for counselors, training and equipment.

The 48th Legislative District in Washington County includes the city of Washington; Chartiers, North Franklin, North Strabane and South Strabane townships; and Canonsburg, East Washington and Houston boroughs.

Representative Tim O’Neal
48th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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