Mar. 19, 2020

HARRISBURG —Reps. David Rowe (R-Union/Snyder) and Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon) are sponsoring legislation to suspend the personal income tax and state sales tax to protect working families adversely impacted by mitigation efforts to control the spread of COVID-19.

They issued the following statement today:

“Roughly 78% of the families in our country are living paycheck to paycheck. The governor’s emergency declaration and measures to prevent further spread of COVID-19, while necessary to protect public health and safety, is having an immediate financial impact on working families.

“Many of our constituents have expressed fear over losing their jobs and being unable to pay their rent, mortgages or buy food and other basic necessities for their family. Their stories are heartbreaking and the consequences of a prolonged emergency declaration would be calamitous.

“While access to loans is helpful, it is much more important to reduce costs for our constituents and afford them the financial wherewithal to recover as soon as possible after the emergency has passed. That is why we are introducing legislation to suspend the imposition and collection of the 3.07% personal income tax and the 6% state sales tax until the emergency declaration is lifted.”

“We know other measures are also being developed to ensure our hotel and restaurant employees, sales clerks, childcare workers and others receive the assistance they need. Our bill will enable them to keep more of what they earn and help them to avoid lasting debt.”

Rowe and Ryan plan to introduce their bill next week.

Representative Frank Ryan
101st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives